There will be two new characters in KBTBB season 2ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ


Takuto is now available on the koi cafe app yayyy*(*´∀`*)☆

Going back and playing Claude’s route in the Sentimental Summer story and

seeing the heroine tell Claude he should smile more because he’s looks nice doing so and hIM THINKING THAT SHE’S JUST JOKING WITH HIM AND NOT SERIOUS AT ALL BREAKS MY HEART


Let’s just say I had a dream about a certain psychotic kitty and let’s leave it at that. (っΦωΦ)っ


Summer casual wear sletches, from Otomate staff blog.

Is it me, or did Ryu get his costume idea from someone's Western uniform? XD


Ota’s Main Story and Epilogue are now available in Kissed by the Baddest Bidder for Android!

Happy playing!

Finally got my copy of the shareholder book~


does anyone have like a default obsession

like your mind switches through these current obsessions and once the hype kind of dies down, there’s always this one fandom that it switches back to when there’s nothing else new and it’s like always there without fail

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The Sequel Epilogue Set Sub Story is now available in Office Secrets for Android!

Happy playing!